NFT Drop promotion

NFT drop promotions are the best way to advertise yourself to DAOLaunch holders and DVCS, in order to win the IBO, projects can airdrop tokens or special rewards

NFT Airdrop Promotion

Easily check DAL Farm and DAL-LP farm on the "Build NFT Farm section" and see what rewards are available!

Projects can airdrop their limited edition NFT on the DAOLaunch Network, and can add invitation links for private groups through their NFT, or even airdrop tokens to DAOLaunch token holders to gain the favor of DAL Holders during a voting session.

Startups will earn DAL tokens depend on how many farming points were used to farm their NFT and the general popularity of the project. The more DAL tokens a project holds, the higher the influence the project has on the DAOlaunch voting process, resulting in positive attention from the market and potentially winning the highly coveted IBO. This is the new approach to marketing your project, exclusively on DAOLaunch.

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