Trade/Lending of VC series

Create Your Own Seed Index Portfolio, The DVC NFT

How does it work?

All seed tokens obtained on DAOLaunch will be automatically deposited into the DVC-NFT. This means your DVC-NFT will be transformed into a seed index portfolio.

Create your own exclusive token index portfolio NFT, and trade or lend on the DAOLaunch platform. NFTs created via DAOLaunch, are still standard non-custodial NFTs that can be sold not only on our platform, and also on popular marketplaces like Rarible or Opensea.

Trade/Lending of VC series on NFT marketplace

On DAOLaunch, enable to mint decentralized venture capital NFT (DVC-NFT), vote and record investment performance on the blockchain, and negotiate better investment allocation.

DVC-NFT, also allows you to create your own token index portfolio on NFT, to deposit your seed tokens in the contract, as like creating a VC entity itself on NFT.

On the DAOLanch platform, you are easily able to use your DVC series to earn capital, or interest without losing ownership. Until now, the funds invested into startups could not be effectively used until the lockup was released, and often caused downward pressure on the market on the date of the unlock as original investors exited from their position. But with DVC-NFT, even if the token is locked you can make a profit by trading/lending DVC-NFT itself. DAOLaunch will create a frontier market in the crypto finance economy.

What is the value in lending/ borrowing NFT?

Unlike collectible NFT jpegs, DVC-NFT can provide strong utility to holders and has multiple use cases. Some of which are

  • Enable the startups to apply for the IBO voting process, to vote themselves, and to collect more VCpower, without holding DAL tokens and only paying interest for the NFT.

  • Enables investors to get exclusive allocation for IBO token sales, without holding DAL token, only paying the interest for NFT.

  • DVC-NFT enables DAOLaunchers to earn interest, not only capital gain but also the opportunity to earn passive income as well.

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