Build NFT Farms

Introducing the NFT Farm concept, a way for start ups to lock liquidity and reward their most loyal supporters.


Summer 2021 was an unprecedented time for NFTs, in August 2021 alone Open Sea collected $3 billion in NFT sales, a massive increase in sales compared to their previous $21 million in volume for the entirety of 2020. Not only is the general interest in NFT’s expansion but also their use cases are becoming more apparent. As many of us are aware by now. NFTs have a wide variety of use cases that are not only limited to art or collectibles.

For example, FC Dynamo Kyiv is the first major sports team in the world to sell its first NFT event tickets on Binance. The world-renowned band “Kings of Leon” sold a music album as an NFT. Pretty much any product or service can be designed on NFTs, such as access rights for special communities, or in game items, many of the use cases are yet to be discovered as we are in a rapidly growing and constantly evolving frontier market.

NFT creation on DAOLaunch

Creating NFTs has never been easier! On DAOLaunch you will be able to easily create single or multiple NFTs, without code. You will also be able to upload private content which is able to be seen only by those you give permission to.

Build NFT Farm

DAOLaunch has pioneered an innovative NFT Farm Function. In short, this enables all startups to create a farming pool for users who stake native tokens or providing liquidity. Easily build token utility using DAOLaunch NFT farms, or increase TVL to reward liquidity providers by farming your exclusive NFT.

Quick overview of NFT farm function

  • Choose a staking token to farm NFT, any ERC-20 token will be able to be used as staking currencies, even LP tokens.

  • Once you set the staking token, you must add your NFT to the NFT farm.

  • You must then set the required parameters of the pool, including the duration and the reward. (Points are calculated by how many tokens X how long staked)

  • High flexibility when setting up the Farming Point. The start up can set royalties, Farming start/end date, and the amount added to the farms.

  • DAOLaunch’s NFT Farms parameters are highly flexible, you can design, deploy and extend your NFT Farm as you wish.

Start ups on DAOLaunch can easily distribute exclusive NFTs, rewarding strong token holders or liquidity providers, and those who have supported the project.

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