Tokensale Features

Protecting investors' funds is of utmost priority to DAOLaunch, read more about the rigorous practices in place to avoid scams and bad actors.

Exits Secured

All startups on DAOLaunch, will list on Decentralized Exchange (AMM) automatically from raised funds, secure STARTUP EXIT using Smart Contract with funds being automatically be added to LP too.‌

Fair and Transparent funding process

All negotiations are done on-chain to ensure a fair and competitive environment. You can see which other DVC-NFT have invested and‌

No central custody

Funds/Tokens are managed on an escrow address automatically, to protect funds from scams by smart contracts.‌

Check supporting business documents

Check a projects business documents like their pitch deck, information about the team, marketing plan, and any other supporting collateral they may have. You can also see comments from other users.‌

Detailed tokenomics

Investors are able to check exit information such as “Listing Date/Listing Price/Liquidity '' before investing A project must detail its Hard Cap and Soft Cap. If the Soft Cap isn't met, funds are automatically returned to investors.‌

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