Why should startups fundraise with DAOLaunch over traditional fundraising methods?

DAOLaunch differs greatly with traditional fund-raising methods, we are striving to create an open, free, fair and meritocratic fundraising environment.

Highly Functional Financial Product Creation Platform

‌DAOLaunch provides a highly functional and comprehensive financial product creation platform. This platform enables anyone to seamlessly create and support new products markets across all borders, regardless of their economic background. No coding knowledge is required - easily build new financial products that have real demand.

NFT Farms

DAOLaunch has pioneered an innovative NFT Farm Function. In short, this enables all startups to create a farming pool for users who stake native tokens or providing liquidity. Easily build token utility using DAOLaunch NFT farms, or increase TVL to reward liquidity providers by farming your exclusive NFT.

DAOLaunch Grant system

DAOLaunch grant system called the IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering) is a brand new concept of supporting recently launched startups The grant process is conducted by a fully decentralized voting process where community members vote for the most exciting start-up. Once the winner is decided, native tokens of selected startups are directly purchased through a Buy-Back system from DAOLaunch, after they're listed on the market using our allocated grant. The tokens purchased through our Buy-Back grant are automatically burnt, we believe this is a good way to raise the price and bring positive attention to the project.

DAOLaunch network of advisors

Much like a traditional VC world, DAOLaunch will provide start-ups with advice and mentorship, helping connect founders with KOL within the DAOLaunch network as well as supporting marketing activities. DAOLaunch will provide workshops and networking events for start-up to meet past alumni.

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