What benefits will DAOLaunch provide to investors using our platform?

Decentralized Venture Capital NFT (DVC-NFT)

A well known VC investing in a start up indicates a large amount of due diligence has been done and that the team is worthy of recieving money, and has a half decent chance in an industry where 90% of businesses fail in 5 years. A company consistently making good calls and chosing to back the right founders (Y-combinator) has resulted in incredible success for these firms and brand recognition. Any investor on DAOLaunch, is able to build that same leverage and brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capital, to negotiate better investment allocation and give a stamp of approval much like what a VC does today.‌

Exits Secured

All startups on DAOLaunch will automatically list on Decentralized Exchange (AMM) from raised funds, secure STARTUP EXIT using Smart Contract with funds being automatically be added to LP too.‌ Investors are able to check exit information such as “Listing Date/Listing Price/Liquidity '' before investing. All of these criterion will be secured on smart contract and not changeable after the smart contract is deployed. Funds/Tokens are managed on an escrow address automatically, to protect funds from scams by smart contracts. Protecting retail investors is of utmost priority and concern for DAOLaunch.‌

Promised returns for talented investors

The benefits of branding as DVC-NFT is that you get a more favorable token allocation, seed price, and other exclusive benefits normally extended to venture capitalists.‌ The IBO program is also attractive for early investors as immediately on listing they will receive some form of ROI due to the tokens being burnt. DAOLaunch will use the platform revenue to raise the price of selected startups and distribute capital gain for DAOLaunch network.‌

NFT Farming

Stake a wide variety of tokens to earn exclusive and limited NFTs! These can be sold on secondary markets such as OpenSea, rarible and also on the DAOLaunch marketplace.‌

Earn exclusive profits from a huge unexplored market

The DVC (DAOLaunch Venture Capital) NFT, also allows you to create your own NFT token index portfolio, and to deposit your seed tokens in the contract, giving you control as if you were a VC entity.‌ Create your own VC series of NFT’s, trade and lend your NFT’s to earn capital and generate interest without giving up ownership. Typically, funds invested into startups could not be effectively used as they are traditionally locked, but with DVC-NFT, even if the token is locked you can make a profit by trading/lending DVC-NFT itself.

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