Farm Limited NFT

DAL drops are exclusive rewards that are airdropped directly to DAL token holders.

DAL Drop

Stake your DAL tokens or provide liquidity to be eligible for DAL Drop! DAL token holders are able to farm limited NFT using DAL farming points, which is obtained by staking DAL or from providing Liquidity. This is an Airdrop system for DAL token holders, just hold and stake DAL/DAL-LP, and you will receive an NFT as a reward. DALDrop are provided by DAOLaunch Official, and all startups, which will use the DAOLaunch NFT Promotion features.

NFTs provided by DAOLaunch Official on DAL Drop:

  • Invitation link for private group NFT

  • DALtoken yield NFT

  • Redeemable NFT to DAOLaunch Fan goods

  • Limited Edition Design DVC-NFT

  • DVC-NFT Treasury Box

Join Farms for more limited NFTs

Before you invest in tokensale, you can check what kind of NFTs are available to stake their native tokens on project staking farm section. Check how many and how long will it requied to mint their exclusive NFTs!

NFTs have a wide variety of use cases that are not only limited to art or collectibles. NFT with event tickets, or music album as an NFT, access rights for special communities, Pretty much any product or service can be designed on NFT, some of which the use cases are yet to be discovered as we are in a rapidly growing and constantly evolving frontier market. We are providing service regardless of whether the business is a crypto or non-crypto startup. Explore more of your favorite NFT on DAOLaunch NFT Marketplace and stake their native tokens!

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