Mint Decentralized Venture Capital-NFT, use your on chain experience to get a better deal!

Any investors on DAOLaunch, able to build that same leverage and brand yourselves using Decentralized Venture Capital NFT (DVC-NFT), branding as DVC-NFT is that you get more favorable token allocation, seed price and other exclusive benefits normally extended to venture capitalists.

Each DVC-NFT has different VC power, investment allocation or tokenprice will be automatically decided by how much VC power you have. VC power will be determined according to loyalty to the DAOLaunch network and awarded on merit based on past voting record performance.

Require 1 DAL token to mint your own DVC-NFT.

VC power will be calculated based on:

  • DAL/DAL-LP stake amount/duration

  • Past voting performance (projects categolized into 9 tiers)

  • How early you make a vote per session

Decetnralized Due Diligence

This process is designed to give investors a strong incentive to choose the best startups. Voting influence is a 100% meritocratic process determined according to VC power.

DAOLaunch’s innovative grant system, called IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering), which is industry leading concept and is the next gold standard for launch pads. The most voted startup’s native tokens will directly be bought back from market after listing, using the allocated grant. These tokens are burnt automatically. DAOLaunch network will assist in a successful launch for selected startups, IBO is the best way to get strong initial attention from the market.

We use platform revenue to raise the price of selected startups, and distribute capital gain for DAOLaunch network.


  1. Startup which has received the highest amount of votes end of each session, receives IBO

  2. One Startups are selected per session

  3. VC power will pile up until tokensale start, but voter can change where to allocate their VC power at any time during voting session

  4. The winning startup has to pass whitelisting Audit from DAOLaunch Decentralized Advisor (including DAOLaunch Founder), otherwise the IBO will not conducted and allocated IBO grant will carry over to next session


  • Mint decentralized venture capital NFTs (DVC-NFT), vote, and record the investment performance on the blockchain, whilst negotiating better investment terms.

  • Create your own token index portfolio as an NFT.

  • Users can deposit their seed tokens in the contract much like a VC would

  • Able to lend your VC portfolio on the NFT marketplace for start ups who want to conduct IBO

  • New pfp designs every session

For the first time ever, you are able to trade or lend your VC portfolio to earn capital or interest without losing ownership of it. Until now, the funds invested into startups could not be used effectively until the lockup period was over. But with the DVC-NFT, even when the token is locked you can make a profit by trading or lending the DVC-NFT itself. DAOLaunch aims to create a new market in the crypto decentralized finance economy.

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