Grants & Decentralised Due Diligence

The IBO is a grant system and a fully decentralized voting process conducted by the users of DAOLaunch.

Apply for our premier grant system

  • A grant process is to be conducted by fully decentralized voting by DVC-NFT

  • DAOLaunch network will assist in a successful launch for selected startups, IBO is the best way to get strong initial attention from the market.

Decentralized Due Diligence

Anyone can apply for the IBO Grant system, in a truly blockchain fashion, the most voted project will be selected as IBO. BUY-BACK transaction will be conducted in private after the token enters the market.

Each Decentralized VC(voter) has different VC power (voting power) , VC power will be determined according to loyalty to the DAOLaunch network and awarded on merit based on past voting record performance. All startups are able to vote on their own project as well, the more ‘VC power’ means more chances that your project is selected as IBO. This encourages startups to integrate their community into DAOLaunch.

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